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IGN: slaapkop_amy
By slaapkop_amy » about 1 year ago
Hi LGN It is a while ago since the last message about the news and updates about the server. So i was thinking on my work to do this. There are not so many updates done the last time but we are working on some big updates like a new server. We do have a new helper in the team named BlackSmite :)
We do have bad news too but we going to solve that problem with no problem. If you did know about me then you know that i was inactive for a while. For that reason is to many to explain it here. So let whe begin with the Bad news.

Bad news:
We are working on a new server (prison) but we don't have an extra server to play stall on it. We are developing and making the server on an old dedicated server where survival was running on. This was a laggy server so I hope it is don't going lagg with making prison. Lobby will also running on that server but a lobby is not a big super as prison.

The good news:
We have new plans for the survival server to make it alive again, The server is going be international this means everbody is welcome and the main language would be going to english. and then Dutch. The people who have an party can chat via /p  That means party chat. Other people will not see the messages so you can easly talk in your own language via there. For staffs we have staff chat. Twitch, Youtube and Legendary ranks will be work in march. For Youtube we have an automatic system so you can use it self and the requirements it is explain in it. For Twitch We don't have an automatic system but either an good plan how to use it too work. And then Legendary would be a rank to buy This price should be between 12 euros and 20 euros. The permissions are litte bit overkilled but you need pay for it. You can't craft it or buy with ingame money.

I have in januari updated the claimblocks what you can get to be online and active, First it was 50k claimblocks max what you can farm but I have changed 50k to 5 million (5.000.000) Because there are people who want build a huge village so they can easyli claim an big land if they want. But you get 200 blocks per hour that isn't changed.
The new spawn is 99% done here and there isn't ready to use but the most of it is done.

Another good news:
BuyCraft can soon accept paysafecards. This is already an manual option by use but soon will it go be automatic. Not only that, soon you can pay with some crypto coins! :) Thats not everything, I going make more manual options because some people doesn't have an bank account or paypal account or they might not use from there parents. So we going to accept soon ingame items from other games. Or giftcards.

If i forget something then will i fill it in here under