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Hi there welcome on LogicalGamingNetwork,

I'm happy to tell you we are back!
We have updating the server from 1.12 to 1.13.1. If you are an old member then there is bad news. We have decided to reset everything included staffs. But good news is we can now start from fresh and make the community good again!
We have changed some plans and idea's for how to do the server. We removed buycraft and the option for buying items / ranks. There will be a option for a donation but thats a friendly donation and not buying. So if you bought something in the past then yeah we don't do refunds and thanks for buying but yeah we are resetting it for a nice new server layout and setup.

YouTube and Twitch rank will be available at startup for the server. So if you are a video maker or streamer then you can get the rank. It will have some permissions exclusive from vip.
As streamer you have the option to do give aways if you stream often in the server. We will make for this clearly rules.

There will be new rules and there will be also a new privacy policy about the new law about privacy.
We have a new co-owner and that isĀ Ziingfoe.

Prison / Skywars will not more coming to the community. We will have only Survival / Skyblock / Creative. This is because we want a updated server and not some servers outdated because we working on another server.

The server will be open for everyone at 11-01-2018 (november 1st 2018)
After rework of the server we going rework the website.

Best regards,

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